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Ottobok Challenger 1e95

These are great all-purpose feet. They are a cross between a running blade and a conventional prosthetic foot. They allow me to walk comfortably on uneven surfaces and also have significant spring that is good for a variety of sports. 

Because they are worn with trainers they are much more versatile than my Levitate blades but they are not as goo for running. I also wear them if I am walking long distances as they absorb shocks and have better energy return than my "daily drivers." Certainly, they feel kinder to my knees!

They do have some drawbacks though. They don't have torsion adapters. Also, the carbon fibre blade sticks out quite a way. This not only makes it impossible to wear them with trousers, but you also have to be very careful when walking down stairs!

I got my Challengers through Dorset Orthopaedics. They are a great company with amazing staff and awesome service. I highly recommend them!

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