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Levitate Blades

Whoever thought I'd end up on blades!

Scroll down for a review....

I have owned both the MK1 and MK2 versions of these feet. The MK1 version were pretty good but did have a few rough edges. The MK2 blades are a huge improvement - they are lighter, springier and look awesome!

Levitate have clearly set out to disrupt the prosthetics industry. Blade-type prosthetics are expensive and (especially in the UK) difficult to justify for anyone except for elite athletes because of this. Certainly they are almost impossible to get under the auspices of the NHS.

Levitate simply asked the questions


- Why are blades so expensive ?

- How can everyday (non-elite) people access them?

After my amputations I found that I adapted quickly to my prosthetic legs. I also quickly found the "edges of the envelope." Walking was relatively straightforward, but running was very difficult. I had purchased a pain of Ottobock Challenger 1-95 feet  and I found these to be excellent  "all-round" feet -yet I wondered if "true" blades may make running even easier.

The Levitate blades where just cheap enough to risk a trial. I am so happy that I did.

Customer service was excellent. Communication (predominantly through DMs) was prompt and helpful. The blades arrived quickly and it was a simple task to attach them to my sockets.


That was it - I was up and running on my MK1 blades.

I enjoyed them so much that I ended up buying a treadmill! Then the MK 2s were released. They looked like a significant improvement over the MK Is - so after numerous discussions with Levitate I upgraded to the Mk 2s. They are wonderful.

The only real difficulty I have had is a bit of an odd one. I can look down and see my legs -that used to bother me - but I am now used to it. I can comfortable looking down and seeing prosthetic feet in shoes. But looking down and seeing blades is a real mind melter! It feels weird moving my phantom feet yet seeing immobile carbon-fibre claws!

Overall rating :-


Comfort                 9/10

Practicality             4/10

Smile factor    1000/10

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