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LIMB-art Covers

Award-winning supplier of fantastic covers for prosthetic limbs. Run by Mark (lovely guy). Highly recommended!


A great company! Its where I got my blades!!

Limbless association

An amazing set of support and resources for amputees and their families. A great place to start.


Brilliant charity - well worth especially if you're into sport!

Footless Jo - YouTube channel

My journey has been much easier than Jo's but this channel really helped me get my head around adapting to being an amputee. She has been through it all! Her earlier videos are the best - she has recently gone a bit "click baitey"

Steel bones

Another awesome place for support. Excellent family advice. Good resource for sport and adaptive outdoor fun!

Dorset Orthopaedics

These guys really got me up on my feet. Amazing service and excellent people. I wouldn't have got this far without their help. Highly recommended!

Circulation Foundation

A great resource - especially for those seeking information about the vascular causes for amputation

The Sepsis Trust UK

A UK charity campaigning for improved recognition and care of patients suffering with sepsis

European Space Agency Parastronaut recruitment

Web page for the ESA Parastronaut feasibility project.

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