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A year without feet

So it’s exactly a year ago this week that I became unwell - an illness that resulted in me becoming a double amputee.

It has been a mixed year full of extremes of emotion - not all negative I hasten to add.

I’ve had experiences I would never have had... I’ve been on telly, I’ve met loads of new people and I have learnt so much about myself. It has been a true audit of my life. I have learnt about friendship. I have also learnt about my personality (not all of it good) - but now I am getting to know my new place in the universe!

Physically I’m doing well. I have some good prosthetic legs from the NHS and I have another private pair from Dorset Orthopaedic. I’m very happy to have 2 pairs as they are quite different. My NHS legs are very comfortable to stand in, but are tiring to walk on. My Dorset legs are stiffer and springier - so are not as comfortable to stand in but are much easier to walk on. I managed a 4 mile dog walk yesterday!

So what next? Who knows? COVID has slowed everything down and priorities are family and work at the moment....

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