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Blade runner

So… I’ve spent the past few months trying to get fitter and generally get into better shape. I do have a goal in mind and, whatever the outcome, I will let you know this goal in due course!

Needless to say exercise is something I didnt really do before my amputations - but now, quite weirdly, is something I really enjoy! I generally feel a lot better for it. Over the last few months I’ve lost 10kg in weight and can now run for extended periods of time. The old me, would not recognise new Cyborg Hopper!

Before the COVID crisis I used to attend a gym for exercise. When lockdown restrictions eased I returned to the gym but found the experience rather uncomfortable. The atmosphere had changed and with my rather unpredictable schedule I found having to book slots difficult. To get around this I cleared space in my garage and bought a recumbent exercise bike (Nordictrack VR 21) and a treadmill (Nordictrack 2950). The bike had to be modified slightly as my sockets kept hitting the frame and the cranks were a little too long - but this was easily done with crank shortened and wideners from Amazon).

As well as that I got some blades! Yes - real life blades ( - they are superb. They are comfortable, have amazing energy return and are super lightweight. They make jogging and running on the treadmill so much better. Having said that I still use my Ottobock Challenger 1E95 feet on the treadmill quite a bit as well.

So… let’s see how far I can get!!

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