• Neil Hopper

I've broken my feet!


I went to see my prosthetist on Thursday. In passing I mentioned that the heel on my left foot felt a little loose. My leg was taken to the workshop were it was found that I had destroyed my indestructible Rush foot!!! The base plate had come away from the curved "blade" part as a consequence of a failure of the glue in the forefoot. There were also early changes in my right foot!

My feet were taken away to be sent back to the manufacturer for inspection. In order that I had something to walk around on I was fitted with SACH (Solid ankle cushioned heel) feet - the most basic of prosthetics.

Lessons learnt...

1) Rush feet are not indestructible - I managed to trash them in 3 months

2) Rush feet are very comfortable and my mobility was good

3) SACH feet are absolute rubbish. I can't walk on anything but the flattest of surfaces - and good grief is it knackering!

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