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New legs and general update!

Sorry it has been a while....

So it has been a busy few months. Like the character Steve McCroskey in the film "Airplane" - "I guess I picked the wrong week to start back working for the NHS!"

Luckily COVID itself hasn't impacted on my patients directly - but it certainly has been keeping patients away from the Hospital. The result of this is that we are getting a lot of patients presenting as emergencies. Being on-call means a lot of emergency operating - which for me means a lot of time walking around and standing in operating theatres. For the most part this has been OK. I have gotten quite tired but I feel I have coped pretty well.

I have had one minor setback - After being on my feet for almost 24 hours straight I developed a blister on my left stump (I know amputees don't like that word and prefer residuum or residual limb - but I don't mind it). So I am currently having a few days off legs. The good news is that means a break from being tortured by Sara my trainer!

Speaking of legs - last week I took delivery of a new pair of sockets. My previous sockets had been great - I always found them pretty comfortable - but for some reason I kept splitting liners. Dorset Orthopaedic were simply superb. I had another pair of sockets made and they seem to fit perfectly. Kevin, my prosthetist, simply is awesome. Not only is he very good he's also a great bloke. I would recommend their services without hesitation. I just wish that their clinic was closer to Cornwall!

I had a bit of a change in decorative pattern - I quite like it but it has proven to be divisive!

I am due to give a few talks at a couple of conferences over the coming weeks - pity about the COVID situation as a few days away at a conference have been replaced by Zoom! I definitely have a face for radio and not for being broadcast!

And in other news... I've been nominated for a Brave Briton award. I am rather conflicted about this as I don't really see myself as brave. Brave is running into a burning building to rescue a child, or dealing with some adversity with dignity. I merely survived and I have to admit that I whinged and moaned quite a bit along the way!!! Nonetheless I am incredibly grateful to whoever nominated me (I'm not even sure I ever get to find out who it was)!

I promise not to leave it so long between updates next time!

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