• Neil Hopper

The many footed Neil...

I’m actually in a very fortunate position. In my 10 months as an amputee I have tried out the following feet:-


Rush Hi Pro

Rush Lonpro

Ossur Reflex rotate

Ossur Pro flex XC

Ossur Pro flex XC torsion lo pro

Blatchford Blade XT

Ottobock Challenger

Apart from the SACH they have all been acceptable.

I am planning to try the Pro flex XC torsion standard profile soon. Then it’s crunch time... I’m going to have to decide.

I adore my NHS Reflex rotate - but they are a bit soft and therefore long distance walking is tiring. The Ottobock Challengers have the edge over the BladeXT as they are slightly more practical and less geared solely for running. So the Ottobok are going to get added to my permanent collection of feet.

I suspect I may end up with the Pro flex XCs as an alternative daily driver... this is a tricky one. I will have to think about this carefully!

At some point I’ll do a vid discussing the pros and cons of each foot!

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